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Quantum Greetings! We are so grateful you have joined us in the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement as a member.

You truly are a star and we are here to support you to shine!⭐️

There are two options:
Quantum Entrepreneur Movement Star
Quantum Movement Star
You are always welcome to upgrade your membership level. Just contact our Angel Support Team and they can help with that,

As a QEM Star you are able to put your business profile in the Quantum Entrepreneur Network, a stand alone directory.

There you are able to post video, articles and so much more.

We also have an opportunity for you to join to get access to the High Vibe Newsletter And for all new QE’s in the network we will highlight you in the next issue of High Vibe Newsletter.

There are 5 Elements of Quantum Support we are providing to everyone that joins and you will find information on each level on the below links

1. High VIBE Tribe FB group- CLICK HERE TO JOIN (We will open the group the week of June 20th)

2. Quantum Shift Group Coaching in The Quantum Shift Group Coaching Module – CLICK HERE

3. Access to the program Soul ful conversations that Sell- You will find this when you log in by entering the Coaching From Spirit portal on the initial page. – CLICK HERE

4. LIVE Quantum Shift Gathering & other Quantum Events

We will feature a guest on topics that support you in biz and wellness! You will get emails regarding the upcoming event as well as find it on our event calendar below.


5. Life time income stream for those you bring into the QEM by joining our Quantum Energy Partner program and sharing the Quantum Entrepreneur Movement with others! JOIN HERE

We will have regular gatherings to share with people about Quantum Entrepreneur Movement, keep an eye on the calendar above for schedule. If you are an Energy Partner, you’ll receive a special tracking link to share with your community. Friends, family or folks you know would be a great match to be in the Quantum Directory for anyone that lists their business in the Directory they also get membership in the QEM star option for FREE! As long as your contact registers they will get all of the information to join us live on the gathering or listen to the replay. If they sign up to become a member, no matter which level, you will receive a 20% lifetime referral fee for the duration of their membership. Just Imagine just 10 of your colleagues join and pay in full for the QEM Star option, you make $2,000 that pays for two years of your membership and you continue getting paid as long as they are members!

To get your special tracking link, emails, social posts register to be a Quantum Energy Partner! JOIN HERE

As a QEM Star we invite you to display this badge on your website and in your email signature linking it back to – this will not only bring attention to your own listing but help in spreading the word